Tiem Nail rat ban all year round trong khu shopping center co Warmart and Dicks Sporting Goods. Can tho nail biet lam bot FS, PW, SNS, Shellac and ped/man. Bao luong hoac an chia. Bao luong $1000/$2000 per week. Up to $2000 paid vacation per year. Phai co bang nail OHIO va kinh nghien. Khong co cho o cho nguoi o xa. Co the giup do. Please call 513-307-3268
I am looking for 2 nail techs who are an expert in PW, FS acrylic, SNS, Shellac and Man/ped. I am willing to pay top dollars. You can choose between commission base or fixed salary per week. Fixed salary range between $1200–$2000/week depend on your skills. If you are interested, please call me at 513-307-3268